Zuccoli Sub-Division Headworks Stages 1 & 2

Type: Civil Construction
Department of Infrastructure
Project Value: $20m combined

MCE won the contract to carry out the Zuccoli subdivision head works at Palmerston.

Located 22 km south of Darwin, Zuccoli is to be one of the new suburbs in the area of Palmerston. Zuccoli is being constructed as a residential area to provide for the demand for housing in the Palmerston area which has a rapidly growing population.

Lambrick Avenue runs across the top of Zuccoli, dividing it from the other new Palmerston suburb of Johnston. The new spine road runs through the centre of Zuccoli, linking Lambrick Avenue to the future proposed Weddell Road and Roystonea Avenue Extension.

The comprehensive scope of works includes:

  • Clearing & Grubbing
  • Provision of Bulk Earthworks
  • Shoulders and Pavements
  • Spray Sealing
  • Laying of Pipes for Drainage
  • Water and Sewer Works
  • Installation of HV, LV & street light infrastructure
  • Concreting of Kerbs and Footpaths
  • Installation of Traffic Islands
  • General Landscaping and Irrigation

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